Reflection Question: What is your plan for integrating twenty-first century literacies into your future teaching?

Future Plans

iWeb Balancing Literacies

Immediate Plan for Sixth Grade Humanities Class at Suffern Middle School

Humanities Units
Language Arts
Social Studies
Progress and Change: Include the topics of "digital literacy" and "critical thinking" in the unit

Hope: Make the Hope Helps Benefit Concert larger, with an on-line web presence including a blog with embedded map of site visitor locations Website
Reading: Post reading log rubric and entries on a group wiki or Saywire; create blogs for reading groups; create "digitalk"blog or wiki for students

Writing: Continue to add to class poetry wiki page by including a collaborative "found" poem and locker poems; find a digital forum for sharing ELA strategies; create a sub-gallery for Fordham University GSE gallery for 10/20 National Day of Writing Gallery of Writing
Becoming Social Scientists: Add Pablo Neruda quote to class wiki; continue Second Life plans with Peg Sheehy; work on teleconference possibilities for International Day of Peace (9/21) with Eleanor Schuster